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Application Research on Suction Bucket Foundation for Offshore Wind Power
Puyang ZHANG, Xuanxu HUANG
2018, 5(4): 1-11. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2018.04.001
Economic Analysis of China's Large-scale Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain
Xuanxu HUANG, Jijian LIAN, Wei SHEN, Chao MA
2020, 7(2): 1-13. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2020.02.001
Development and Prospect of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Energy Industry in China
Qizhen YE
2015, 2(4): 18-21. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2015.04.001
A Review of the Key Technologies for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
Jiahao CHEN, Aiguo PEI, Zhaorong MA, Chengyan PANG
2020, 7(1): 8-20. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2020.01.002
Research on a Grid-based Optimal Planning Method for Urban Distribution System
Jian LI, Bin MA, Zhihua ZHANG, Yu LIN, Xiaofang YANG
2015, 2(3): 38-42. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2015.03.007
Energy Power Development Direction and Low Carbon Emission Under Energy Strategy
Ying PAN
2019, 6(3): 32-39. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2019.03.006
Review on Demonstration Progress and Commercial Application Scenarios of Compressed Air Energy Storage System
Zuogang GUO, Xiyuan MA, Jinyong LEI, Zhiyong YUAN
2019, 6(3): 17-26. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2019.03.003
Challenges and Prospects for the Trends of Power Structure Adjustment Under the Goal of Carbon Peak and Neutrality
Shaokuan CAI
2021, 8(3): 8-17. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2021.03.002
Application Scenarios of Energy Storage and Its Key Issues in Development
Donghui ZHANG, Wenhui XU, Kun MEN, Shuqing ZHANG, Sibin LU
2019, 6(3): 1-5. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2019.03.001
Analysis on Peak Load Regulation Status Quo for Coal-fired Power Plants in China
Wei WANG, Jing XU, Xiang ZHAO, Xiaojiang YUAN, Zhenxin LI
2017, 4(1): 18-24. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2017.01.003
Research Progress on Amine Absorbent for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas
Haizhou LIN, Hui YANG, Haizhong LUO, Aiguo PEI, Mengxiang FANG
2019, 6(1): 16-21. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2019.01.003
Prospect of UAV Power Inspection Technology in New Era
LIU Zhiyong, ZHAO Xiaodan, QI Hongchang, LI Yanfei
2019, 6(4): 1-5. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2019.04.001
Research on Zero Liquid Discharge FGD Wastewater Treatment Technology in Coal-fired Power Plant
Ruiying GAO, Jianzhong LIN
2018, 5(1): 107-112. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2018.01.018
Discuss on Key Problems of Energy Development Strategy in China
2019, 6(1): 22-23. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2019.01.004
Grouting Technology Application and Development in Offshore Wind Farm
Guokai YUAN, Dongsheng TANG, Jinchao LIU, Tao CHEN, Zhaorong MA
2017, 4(1): 10-17. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2017.01.002
Review of the Achievements, Challenges and Development of Power System Technology in China
Xilai LI, Yongshuang LI, Jiangbo JIA, Haiyan CHEN
2016, 3(2): 1-8. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2016.02.001
Current Situation and Prospect of Hydrogen Energy Industry Chain and Hydrogen Power Generation Utilization Technology
Ruojun YAO, Xiaotian GAO
2021, 8(4): 9-15. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2021.04.002
China′s Power Auxiliary Service Market Mechanism and the Economics of Energy Storage Systems Participating in Auxiliary Services
Ming LI, Fengshun JIAO, Changxiang REN, Rui ZHAO
2019, 6(3): 132-138. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2019.03.022
High-efficiency Clean Power Generation System Based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Jing CAO, Xiaobo WANG, Xiang SUN, Zhibin LUO
2020, 7(2): 28-34. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2020.02.004
3D Modeling and Tree Barrier Analysis of Transmission Lines Based on LIDAR Point Cloud Data of Fixed Wing UAV
Jun RUAN, Xiongjun TAO, Xinke WEI, Hongsheng LI
2019, 6(1): 114-118. doi: 10.16516/j.gedi.issn2095-8676.2019.01.020
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