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About Journal

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About Journal

Southern Energy Construction (S. Energy Constr.), started in 2014 and indexed by DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) in 2021, is a bimonthly, multidisciplinary, non-profit oriented and international peer-reviewed golden open-access journal, managed by China Southern Power Grid Digital Media Technology Company and China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd (Energy China GEDI) in partnership with Energy Observer Magazine Co., Ltd. It publishes novel original research, reviews, perspectives and innovative development on science, technologies, policies, and strategies that contribute to a sustainable future for Global Carbon Peak and Neutrality. It strives to integrate interdisciplinary research and communicate key findings to policymakers and the public.

Serial Number

ISSN 2095-8676;CN 44-1715/TK;CODEN: NFNYJK

Purpose of the Journal

Committed to showcasing the key theoretical research, major scientific and technological projects, and the application of scientific and technological achievements of key projects in the field of energy and power at home and abroad, the Journal aims to promote the application of the research achievements in the transformation of low-carbon clean energy under the goal of "China's carbon peak and neutrality".


This journal mainly publishes the papers of latest technology research and technology development on energy strategy and planning, clean energy power generation, clean and efficient power generation, advanced power transmission and smart grid, comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy and energy storage, energy economy and market, etc., to promote the low-carbon clean energy transformation of its research results under the "China's carbon peak and neutrality". Special topics will be published around the academic frontier and hot issue at random, some of which have publicized, like topics concerning the energy planning of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, carbon dioxide capture & high efficiency and clean utilization of coal, hydrogen comprehensive utilization, offshore wind power technology, solar power & photovoltaic power generation, nuclear power generation technology, energy storage technology, H-class gas turbine combined cycle power generation, electric power data center technology, etc. The content includes but is not limited to:

1) Review and progress. It mainly covers the basic theoretical research methods, the up-to-date research highlights, news and views, and commentaries covering the energy and power transformation under the “China’s carbon peak and neutrality”, and focuses on the funding trends in China.

2) Energy strategy and planning. This part mainly covers the strategic system, path for implementations, comprehensive value and research methods of energy and power field, new methods and achievements of energy and power planning, and the theories, methods and achievements in energy top-level design.

3) Clean energy power generation. This part mainly covers the latest research achievements and application experience of clean energy power generation and grid-connected technologies such as marine pumped storage development, advanced nuclear power, natural gas power generation, offshore wind power, solar power & photovoltaic power generation.

4) Clean and efficient power generation. This part focuses on the clean and efficient utilization of coal, power generation with biomass instead of coal, carbon capture and storage of fossil energy, life extension of coal generating units, peak shaving coal power, energy saving and emission reduction of power plants, desulfurization and denitrification technology and other clean power generation technologies.

5) Advanced transmission and smart grid. This part mainly covers the achievements of the research and application experience of UHV AC and DC transmission, flexible HVDC and FACTS, operation control of interconnected large power grid, new transmission technology, etc, with focuses on the latest achievements of research and application experience in the fields of digitalization and intellectualization of power grid, electricity-heat-gas integrated energy system, integration of power grid and transportation network, intelligent and efficient terminal energy utilization and other technologies.

6) Comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy and energy storage. This part focuses on the latest achievements of research and application experience of hydrogen energy, new large-scale energy storage technology, optimal design and control technology.

7) Energy economy and market. This part mainly covers energy policy, power market and carbon market, low-carbon economy, business model, new methods and achievements in cost, technical and economic evaluation of energy engineering and project.

8) In the near future, the focus will be on the energy strategy and planning of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, far-reaching sea offshore wind power generation and transmission, solar thermal industrialization, nuclear fusion power generation technology, nuclear power unit life extension and decommissioning, smart distribution network, microgrid technology, smart power plant, integrated energy system, energy big data technology, engineering digital twin, blockchain technology in energy Internet, the application of artificial intelligence in the new generation of energy and power system, the progress of the research in source-network-load integrated development and delivery and source-network-load-storage integrated nearby utilization under the energy and power transformation of “China’s carbon peak and neutrality”.

Culture of Journal

Southern China Wisdoms,

The green Energy suppliers,

Build a better future Construction

When the wind from the sea whirls in the forests of wind turbine generators,

When the burning sunlight in the deserts gathers in the dish-like mirrors,

With good commands of the wisdom from the south we gather the light,

Pursuing and utilizing the great nature’s might.

When UHV flexible DC crosses thousands of rivers and mountains,

When the energy planning of Greater Bay Area goes with near zero emissions,

With green dreams in our hearts and responsibilities on our shoulders,

We make modern energy more intelligent and low carbon for the betters.

Logo of the Journal

Southern Energy Construction is shortened as “S. Energy Constr.” in English,whose logo trademark holds the letters “S”, “E” and “C” as the basic elements. The “S”, composed of three leaves, resembles the bird view of the ∽-shaped office building of China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd, the sponsor of the journal. Among the three leaves, the blue one represents carbon-based energy supplemented by efficient and clean technologies such as carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage, the green one stands clean energy, and three small green “S”-shaped curves, connected with the big letter “S” letter in the middle, symbolize the advanced power transmission and smart grid technology. The three blades and three curves contain the meaning of “Southern”, “Smart” and “Sweet”. On the whole, the big “S” stands for Southern, the left semicircle and three green lines constitute “E” (Energy), and the right semicircle “C” stands for Construction, together, they depict a blue earth lit by green energy, showcasing the periodical culture of “Southern China Wisdoms, the green Energy suppliers, build a better future Construction” in a simple and vivid graphic language.

The text and graphic design trademark of “Southern Energy Construction” has obtained the trademark certificate issued by China National Intellectual Property Administration.

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